ABOUT US . . .
Here at Summit City, our corsos are
our family! They grow up with our
kids and play with all our pets.  
They are very well socialized going
everywhere with us.  We are
looking to produce the best
corsos out there.  For anyone
looking for their first corso, please
explore the breed first.  These
dogs are great pets and
companions but require alot of
time,training and socialization.  
They are not for everyone.  Make
sure that this a lifelong
commitment to your corso.My
husband and I had a pitbull, a
rottweiler, and a boxer/saint
bernard when we decided to look
for something
different.  Upon researching quite
few breeds we finally decided that
the corso was right for us.  We
started researching the different
breeders when we met Jermyn
"Mesha"Simmons from Wildwood
Cane Corso.  We fell in
love with Champion Scandifio's
Kado!  He sold us once again on
choosing the corso and getting
one of his puppies.  We purchased
Sugar from the litter that was just
born December 23, 2007. We love
Sugar and she is a great addition
to our family.  She is currently an
ICCF champion and only a few
points away from her ARBA and
NAKC championship.  
We have recently attained
Phantom's Samson (Co-owning
with Phantom Cane Corso) and
have very high hopes for him!  He
has already made his way into the
family!We do most of our handling
ourselves but we do use handlers
occasionally.  This is what we do
on the side as more of a hobby
that we are very passionate about.  
We are not trying to make a living
doing this, we just enjoy the dogs
and want to produce and show
great models of the breed!  
Here is some pictures of sugar working and relaxing
with her babies, showing awesome temperament.
Welcome to Summit City
Cane Corso!!!
We met our first cane corso in 2007.  We immediately fell in love.  Sugar's father,
Scandifio's Kado was so amazing to be around.  We decided that day that this was the breed
for us.  We were so blessed to have Sugar for our first corso.  She is an incredible working dog,
show dog, and most importantly, part of our family.  We purchased Sugar with little
intention of doing anything other than loving her and making her a part of our family.  We
ended up showing and working her and she loves to do it!  We are now a small hobby breeder in
Columbia City, IN. We live in the country and the dogs love it!  We strive to produce the most
stable, healthy, and conformationally correct corso.  We research bloodlines for health,
temperament, and structure.  We occasionally have puppies available.  Our puppies are
socialized with children, cats, dogs, and horses.  We are very particular about who acquires one
of our puppies.  We suggest to anyone interested in this breed to research the breed and meet a
cane corso in person before deciding this is the breed for you.  We invite anyone out to meet our
dogs and get to know them.